'Cockney Girl'

She's a real old Cockney girl
with a turned up nose and curl
she's a tom-boy but we love her just the same.
She's got freckles all over her face
won't wear lipstick doesn't like the taste
but then again, she's only ten
so maybe that doesn't matter.
You know all Cockney girls
should live right near Bow Bells
but this one's got a gimmick of her own.
Though born in the east of London town
now she talks with a proper Noun
It's plain to see, her family,
Now live out in the nice country.
If you see us down the street
all dressed up nice and neat
Then you can bet that girls somewhere about.
Though she puts on all the finest airs
who she wants to be nobody cares.
Cause underneath she's still a Cockney girl
Make no mistake about it, she's a Cockney girl.
 'Cockney Girl' Original performance
6th Rayleigh Cub Scouts  Colin Siequien   © 1966