Dreams are only real inside your head,

you have to close your eyes.

Fairies only call while your in bed

and stars are in the skies

and just because it rained today,

that doesn't mean that God dont like to see you play

you could still be sleeping now,

it doesn't rain in your dreams anyway!

You heard a noise and just got up to see,

now go back to bed.

It's just an Owl out looking for his tea.

I'm sure that's all he said.

I'm sure he wasn't calling you

he wouldn't stop he's got a lot of things to do.

He's been sleeping all the day,

now he'll fly until the morning dew.

It seems such a shame

that you have to grow

In no time at all

the magic will go.

A broken toy that only has one arm,

you still take to bed

the Fox that doesn't really mean to harm

in the story that we read.

Now you're asleep and smiling too,

dreaming dreams of making things with sticky glue.

The magic's taking over now

it seems a shame that dreams cannot come true.

It's such a shame that dreams do not come true.

'Dreams' Ă“Colin Siequien