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        A Fill-In
        At The Zoo
        Birthday Card               
        Broken Pottery
        Born A King
        Canu Canoe?
        Cockney Girl
        Dressing Up
        Follow Me
        Happy Christmas
        Hold Your Hands Up
        Hunting A Spy / I-spy
        Just Shout!
        Miles and Miles
        Mr 'S'
        Mother Earth
        Murder On The Farm
        Nowhere Else To Go
        Return of the Earth-Maiden
        Running Water
        Seven Stars
        Shine A Light
        Special kind of Magic
        The Adventures Of David
        The Hippopotamus
        The Hypnotist
        The Rehearsal
        The Secret
        The Ventriloquist
        This is a Rocket
        Tomorrow has come
        The Poo Songs. 
                 We Trod In.....
        Where did I go wrong?
        Young and Foolish
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