Sketches and Monologues

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         At The Zoo
         Production Number
      10+ Boys/Girls and 3+ Adults. Suitable for 5-10 year olds.
       Caution this item includes a Crocodile that only eats Chips and Gravy! 
        Canu Canoe?
        Full Stage Sketch.  3 Adults and 5 Scouts
        It's Davids first time in a canoe and it's just a question of who gets wet first?
        Dont worry there isn't any water on stage but you will need 2 canoes.
        10 + Cubs and 3+ Adults
        Originally written as a video
        3 8+year olds dressed as .......
        Half Stage Sketch with 2 original songs.
        15  8+year olds and 3 Adults
        Serious piece about the homeless
        5 Adults and 2 Teenagers

          'Quickie / Groaners'
         Quick Fill-Ins to get you out of trouble.

        Full Stage Sketch with 2 original songs.
        2 / 3 Adults + 14-20  8+year olds

        Comedy Sketch with four Adults and one 5-10 year old
        Comic link running through show.
        'The Rehearsal'
        Production Number
        Full cast and Full stage. Includes 4 Ralph Reader Songs.
         'The Birthday Card'
         'The Hypnotist'
        4 Speaking parts and 3 +  Musicians
        Explorers Abroad

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