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Music is a simple piano score and, if not shown

as a link at foot of page, is available by email or post.  

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    At The Zoo

Production Number suitable for 5-10 year olds.

Includes 2 Adult solos. Caution this item includes

 a Crocodile that only eats Chips and Gravy!


'I Will Be There'

Song suitable for a Choir


  Sketch for three  8+ year olds

      'Nowhere Else To Go'

  Serious piece about the homeless.  

Includes a closing Song  

5 Adults & 2 Teenagers.      12 minutes 


Sketch for four Adults and one 6-8 year old 

        'Shine A Light' 

   Salvation Army type anthem

    'Sybil, Ruby and Friend'

    Series of comic links  

        'The Hippopotamus'     

 Song for 6+ year olds

  'The Hypnotist'

4 Speaking parts and 3+ Musicians.

'Tomorrow has come'

Environmental Anthem

      'We Trod In.....'  

Any age that feels like being silly


     'Where Did I Go Wrong?'

Adult solo 1970's Show Song

    'Young and Foolish'

Adult solo. 1920's song


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