'The Secret'

'The Secret'

Once long ago in a place not far from here

There was a world where the people lived in fear.

With time ticking away, they grew older every year

With time ticking away, their world would soon disappear,

Dear oh dear, lend an ear, for 'The Secret'.

Dont ask it's name, it's a secret. Or how it came, it's a secret.


High on a hill there's a tree that you can climb

And you'll know the secret if you can learn the rhyme.

But you'd better be quick, you're getting older all the time

Yes you'd better be quick, cause quite soon you're gonna find

There's no time, stand in line, for 'The Secret'

Far underground where the water doesn't flow.

You'll find a world where the people never go.

But you'd better leave now, there is no time to be slow

Yes you'd better leave now, cause quite soon you're gonna grow

Don't be slow, go below, for 'The Secret'

PIANO The Secret

Colin Siequien ©