'Young and Foolish'

Adult solo featured in 'The Secret'

Used to think that I was ordinary,

Nothing but a frightful bore.

Any girl would find me quite contrary,

Not what she was looking for.

Then you came along, found that I was simply crazy over you!

Boy was I amazed, out on the verandah,

When you came and told me that you loved me too.

We were young and foolish, so in love that's true.

It's no surprise, it's in your eyes,

All I've got to do is look at you,

You can make the sun come shining through.

When you're young and foolish, stars are in your eyes!

And everywhere, the people stare,

Can't believe the way I look at you

Can't believe the change you've put me through

May'be they all wish they were young and foolish too.

MUSIC Young & Foolish

© 1996 Colin Siequien