'This is a Rocket'

'This Is A Rocket'

What is this thing that we have here?

And where did it come from?

It smokes a lot, it's very hot,

Perhaps it is a bomb!

One thing is very clear, it doesn't belong to here

But wait a Mo', I think I know,

I've seen this thing before!

If I am right.. it's got a light,

And here.. there is a door.

If I've got the right idea, this travelled through 'Space' to here!

For this is a Rocket, Oh what a Rocket

It flies through the air very easy

And makes everyone very 'Queezy'.

But here's to the Rocket, three cheers for the Rocket

It's got every gadget that you'd ever want

There's even one for making the tea.

So this is the Rocket for me!

'This is a Rocket' Colin Siequien ©1990